An Interview with Elle of Creepy Gals

September 15, 2017

Dust Empires: Hey Linda! Tell us about yourself. Linda Chen: Hey! My name is Linda, or sometimes known as Elle (@creepy.gals) on the internet. I’m a Scorpio who loves everything pink and red, is a HUGE Ru Paul Drag Race fan and is an anxious mess most of the time. I have dedicated my life to purs...

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An Interview with Kelsey Wickwire

May 17, 2017

Dust Empires: Hi Kelsey! Tell us about yourself. Kelsey Wickwire: Oh gosh… I’m a 24 year old caffeine addict currently living in Olympia, WA with my wonderful partner and the cutest little dog that ever existed. I’m a freelance-freehand-graphic designer. I am becoming obsessed with my cactus and...

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An Interview with Danin Jacquay

March 15, 2017

DustEmpires: When did you get into photography? Why did this medium appeal to you? Danin Jacquay: I don’t want to credit Myspace but I did get into taking photos because of the different popular internet outlets. When I was younger I made a lot of videos, predating Myspace days. I w...

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An Interview with Valentina Zapata

March 3, 2017

DE: Where are you from? How does your hometown influence your work? VZ: I grew up in Montebello / East LA and spent most of my time kickin it there even though I was kind of all over the place. My teen years were pretty defining when it came to my work. In East Los and Montebello all we did was p...

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An interview with Lauren Adkins

February 23, 2017

DE: Hi Lauren! Tell us about yourself. LA: HI! I’m a photographer and artist living in Los Angeles. I love cats, decorating, reading, and smashing patriarchy. DE: How’d you get into photography? LA: Honestly, now that I’m really thinking about it, it probably started in high school with the rise...

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An Interview with Ada Rajkovic of Sunday School

February 6, 2017

DE: Where are you currently based and what inspired your departure from Los Angeles? AR: I am currently based in Pittsburgh (where my parents are) and I decided to leave LA because we got evicted from our space (because of our awful landlord/slumlord Nathan Chaim)  and I needed a mental health brea...

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An Interview With Theresa Baxter

December 31, 2016

DE: Tell us about your experience with art school and your choice to pursue an art career outside of a “traditional” program. Theresa Baxter: It wasn’t really a choice – I’ve always only liked one thing. I actually completely failed at art school. I did a semester at Cal Arts out of high scho...

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