An Interview with Elle of Creepy Gals

September 15, 2017

Dust Empires: Hey Linda! Tell us about yourself. Linda Chen: Hey! My name is Linda, or sometimes known as Elle (@creepy.gals) on the internet. I’m a Scorpio who loves everything pink and red, is a HUGE Ru Paul Drag Race fan and is an anxious mess most of the time. I have dedicated my life to purs...

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An Interview with Avocadamama

May 31, 2017

Dust Empires: Hi Taylor and Nathaniel! Tell us about yourselves. Nathaniel Perales: We’re Avocadamama! I’m a photographer based in LA and Taylor is an actress from Cincinnati. We’re a vegan duo that fell in love 5 years ago. We both share values that align so much on food, nutrition and bringing...

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An Interview with Kelsey Wickwire

May 17, 2017

Dust Empires: Hi Kelsey! Tell us about yourself. Kelsey Wickwire: Oh gosh… I’m a 24 year old caffeine addict currently living in Olympia, WA with my wonderful partner and the cutest little dog that ever existed. I’m a freelance-freehand-graphic designer. I am becoming obsessed with my cactus and...

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An Interview with Kelsey Keena

May 11, 2017

DE: Hi Kelsey! Tell us about yourself!  Kelsey Keena: Oh goodness, it’s always a challenge for me to just say something about me. But, I’m a 23-year-old girl, with an old soul, from Fullerton. I like to tell people I’m a professional hoarder, and I have an obsession with Dr.Pepper. DE: What ma...

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An Interview with Alison Stevenson

May 3, 2017

Dust Empires: Hey Alison! Tell us about yourself, Tinder bio style. Alison Stevenson: My Tinder bio currently reads: “I give up”. In the past, it was “big girl with a small heart”, and “searching for my manic pixie dream cuck”. Do any of those bios describe me well enough? I guess for this I’...

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Vintage Vibes for the Modern Woman: Over the Hill Vintage

April 11, 2017

Over the Hill Vintage is a Fullerton-based brand curated by modern maven Kesley Keena. Her eye for vintage is unparalleled. Check out her shop for these styles and more here. To see Kelsey's article on her blog about her experience click here. To see more of  Lauryn Adkinz's work check out he...

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An Interview with Amy Beams

April 5, 2017

DE: Tell us about yourself AB: Oh my. Jewelry maker living in Beaverton, OR. ( For the last 10+ years, I was an apparel designer for various Orange County based, action sports companies. Right now, I'm an interior designer for my own home. I can also speak to my 3 cats without ev...

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An Interview with Noelle and Kelsea of Wicked Woman

March 28, 2017

DustEmpires: Hi! Can you introduce yourselves please. NF: I’m Noelle Frances or Noelle Bruno depends on my mood. Kel: Hiiii I’m Kelsea, Alabama at the strip club, both names have I guess fused into my stage name, Kelsea Alabama, haha. DE: How did you get the idea for your show, Wicked...

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An Interview with Danin Jacquay

March 15, 2017

DustEmpires: When did you get into photography? Why did this medium appeal to you? Danin Jacquay: I don’t want to credit Myspace but I did get into taking photos because of the different popular internet outlets. When I was younger I made a lot of videos, predating Myspace days. I w...

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An Interview with Jasleen Dhindsa of thnksfrthrvw

March 8, 2017

DE: Can you describe yourself in under 50 words? J: My name’s Jasleen and I’m a PR Intern, BSc Sociology student and freelance writer. I’d describe myself as creative, individual and outspoken. My favourite things in life are music, make-up and intelligent conversation! DE: How did you fir...

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