Amy and Kate met at Paris Men’s Fashion Week in 2015 where they snuck into the YSL runway show. Realising they needed a good cover story, the two decided to call themselves fashion bloggers. Over the new year, the two decided to make this convenient cover story a reality.

Desiring a place to share the stories of creatives they’ve encountered, Dust Empires was formed. Dust Empires is a fashion, art, and lifestyle website dedicated to sharing stories through a feminist, body positive, and sex positive lens.


Amy Albinson is a UK based creative, currently studying English with plans to work in the arts. She’s helped with music events in the Netherlands, walked  at London Fashion Week and snuck into various parties she wasn’t invited to. Her favourite things are cats, bad dancing and netflix.  Check out Amy’s instagram.


Kate Regal Chambers is an LA-based freelance writer, activist, and creative. She graduated with a degree in History, minoring in Human Sexuality from UC Davis in 2015. In college she worked at her campus radio station, KDVS, where she was a DJ, public affairs host, record label director, and eventually Assistant General Manager. Since college Kate has contributed to various zines and sex-positive websites including Sex with Emily. Her secret talent is sneaking into fancy events like her party crashing partner, since PFW 2015 she’s snuck into LAFW 2016. Eventually she hopes to make her way into the Met Gala. Still, her ultimate goal in life is to be sponsored by Del Taco. Check out her instagram.